About Us

In 1985 Marilyn Rosee and Lisa Davis had an idea. Both were working together as occupational therapy consultants to a group of nursing homes. There were many requests for their services, but only so many hours in the day. They decided to try hiring therapists to work directly for them, filling the positions they were being offered with their own providers. They thought their chances for success were limited, but they decided to try as there was nothing to lose.

Before this turn of events, Lisa was serving as Director of Occupational Therapy at Daughters of Jacob Geriatric Center in New York. Marilyn was a Senior Therapist at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. While attending New York University pursuing a Master of Public Administration in Health Administration, Marilyn got the notion to go into independent practice. For a few years she was searching for a niche, a viable business idea where her talents as an occupational therapist could be utilized. When the opportunity materialized for Lisa and Marilyn to team up, they both jumped at it.

At first, they continued working at their full time contract positions, spending evenings and weekends interviewing therapists, planning marketing campaigns, and performing bookkeeping tasks. They did everything themselves. Gradually, their business grew.  As modest profits were generated, they were able to rent an office and hire a bookkeeper/office manager to help with the administrative responsibilities. As each year passed, the staff grew along with their business. Now, 25 years later, they look at each other across their "partners" desk, enjoy their panoramic view of New York City and marvel as they watch their many recruiters, managers and support staff busily perform all the tasks that make Therapeutic Resources work so well.

Through it all, Marilyn and Lisa have maintained their status as "working therapists" by managing occupational therapy departments in long term care and pediatric facilities. Additionally, they have taught in occupational therapy programs, serving as Adjunct Professors at New York University, Long Island University, Touro College, New York Institute of Technology and LaGuardia Community College. They have lectured at many seminars over the years on topics relating to private practice and long term care management and served the local NYS Occupational Therapy District as Board Members and Co-Chairs of the Geriatric Special Interest Group and the Continuing Education Committee. Their latest accomplishment is the completion of a book project for Slack Inc. entitled Occupational Therapy Student to Clinician making the Transition scheduled for publication in late 2014.

After all these years, Marilyn and Lisa look back, with pride at what they have accomplished. Their company remains a leader in the field of rehabilitation and educational staffing in the New York Metropolitan area.

They remain committed to their vision and are proud of the reputation they built for fairness, competence and honesty. They remain best friends — in and out of the office — and continue to share a passion for their profession and their company which they worked so hard to create.

Our Mission Statement
At Therapeutic Resources, we pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service to the health care community.   In order to provide the most highly skilled and educated staff, it is our mission to supply therapists with the educational foundation needed to provide quality therapy.

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