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Cute Calf Gets a Shiny New Set of Prosthetic Hooves to Help Him Walk (VIDEO)

May 27, 2014

Thanks to science, this calf can get mooo-ving.

A Texas calf has a shiny new set of hooves to break in, thanks to a team of hard-working prosthetic limb makers. The Virginia-born calf, named Hero, got a new set of prosthetic hooves on Wednesday to accommodate his growing size.

Hero's caretaker, Kitty Martin, rescued the calf from a Virginia farm in 2013 after frostbite claimed his back hooves. Veterinarians from Texas A&M University treated the calf and affixed an initial set of prosthetic hooves, which he quickly outgrew.

After brainstorming a way to create sturdy and long-lasting new hooves, prosthetic limb maker Hanger, Inc. spent two weeks building a set adorned with black-and-white cow print. These prosthetics are adjustable both in width and height, and are expected to last Hero longer than his first pair.

(Source: mashable.com)


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