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How Special Education Itinerant Teachers Help Students with Disabilities

August 8, 2016

Special education teachers work with children both in and outside of classrooms.

Their role is to enable students with learning disabilities to develop the skills needed to learn alongside their non-disabled peers as much as possible. At the preschool level, these teachers are known are called Special Education Itinerant Teachers, or SEITs (pronounced like “see it”).

The “itinerant” part of the SEIT acronym refers to the fact that these specialists move around — often physically, but also within the content and skills they focus on with their students. In this way, SETSS/SEIT providers are flexible in what they work on each day, with the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) dictating the focus. SETSS/SEIT providers may work with children individually or in small groups, depending on each student’s IEP requirements.

Through these supports, though, students who learn slowly or require repetition are more likely to be able to remain in a Least Restrictive Environment, or general education classroom. (Source: noodle.com)

Therapeutic Resources has seen a tremendous jump in CPSE referrals for SEIT services. We are proud to say that our team of Special Educators has access to:

-their own therapy tool library
-quarterly networking events
-and portal access to view their entire caseload

To join our team contact Bridgette Emengo, SEIT Program Director at bemengo@therapeuticresource.com or call 212.589.1214.


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