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Physical therapy can help women bounce back after pregnancy

July 9, 2015

Amanda Moore is a mom of three, including eight-month-olds Eli and Nora.

“I was very busy with the twins and my 3 1/2-year-old but just never felt like I was bouncing back,” she says.

Dr. Cora Huitt of Women’s Health Physical Therapy says it is very common after pregnancy. Those abdominal and pelvic floor issues can lead to incontinence, prolapse, back pain and more.

“Sometimes the muscles are traumatized, sometimes they have too much muscle tension and you can’t relax enough,” explains Dr. Huitt.

It is why she brought her Postpartum Strong program to West End Ob/Gyn to teach moms like Moore and series of exercises to promote healing through proper posture and breathing.

“They can regain their body and maybe even be stronger,” Dr. Huitt says.

University of Missouri researchers even found patients can see an 80 percent improvement after just a few of these sessions. Dr. Huitt says it can take four to eight weeks for the muscles to start responding, but with enough effort women can often prevent the need for intervention like surgery down the road.

“We’re definitely seeing some measurable changes, and it’s great to know those little exercises are making such a big difference,” Moore says about her abdominals already coming together. “It’s amazing with just a little bit of daily practice how much stronger I feel.”

Dr. Huitt warns that you need to be cautious about following any treatment plan you read online. Patients need to know specific exercises for their specific conditions and do them properly. Depending on the plan, insurance often covers the PT sessions. Studies have also found that if a woman starts doing these exercises during pregnancy, it will make the postpartum recovery quicker.

(Source: wric.com)


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