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The Early Intervention Program Is In Danger!!

June 13, 2014

Your EI Services and Payment are at Risk!!!

Both small and large early intervention agencies and providers have been struggling to be compensated for the much needed services given to our babies in the early intervention program.

It is not unusual for provider to have to wait three or four months and longer for their payments. And in some cases they are not being reimbursed at all because of billing errors not of their making, or due to stalling tactics of commercial insurance companies.

The State Legislature has recognized that the new Early Intervention billing system is unfair and unworkable. They are trying to reform it THIS YEAR…but your voices are needed, NOW.

A bill which has been introduced in both the Assembly and Senate will finally guarantee that Early Intervention Providers be paid on a timely basis.

Please sign our petition and share this email with your colleagues.

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