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Vigour Wearable Tech For Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

January 12, 2015

Wearable technology has certainly come a long way in recent times, where there has been leaps and bounds made in terms of the technology which is woven in between the different fabric. Having said that, here is something that you might want to check out if you happen to be involved in rehabilitation as well as physical therapy. I am referring to the Vigour, which is a unique piece of clothing that was specially designed by Pauline van Dongen in cooperation with TU Eindhoven & Textiel Museum.

Vigour happens to be a beautifully knitted cardigan with knit stretch sensors which will be able to keep track of the wearer’s movement constantly. All of the collected data will be sent over to a mobile app which can then be used by patients, therapists and caretakers in order to monitor and check out the rehabilitation process.

Any details concerning the app remains extremely scant, although it does seem as though this soft, knit design of the garment would point to what the future of wearables could be – namely moving away from such devices to actual wearable garments. Are you stoked at what the future of wearable technology could be like? I suppose we will be able to see more examples of it at this years' CES (Consumer Electornics Show).

Source: (ubergizmo.com)


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