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Therapeutic Resources is proud to service thousands of children and work with hundreds of therapists in the New York City public school system.   Join on team and help us maintain and grow the areas we work in! 
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What is the Department of Education Bid? and What is this bidding process all about?
Every 3 to 5 years the New York City Department of Education puts out an RFP (Request for Proposals) for agencies to supply occupational, physical, and speech therapists (the Department of Education refers to these as “Related Services”) to provide treatment to mandated children in public and private schools. Every agency interested in securing this work submits a mammoth bid document to the New York City Department of Education. The outcome of the bid determines which agencies will get the opportunity to provide these services in the various school regions in the Fall of 2017.

Why are all these agencies asking for my name and a copy of my license?
The bidding process requires agencies to show that they have qualified providers willing to work, should they be awarded the bid. By allowing us to submit your name and license information as part of our bid package, we demonstrate to the Department of Education (DOE) that we have a sufficient number of providers. (Note: The Department of Education allows therapists to sign on with more than one agency provided they sign up for part time status with each.)

What if I never worked in the public school system before? Will you show me the ropes?
We sure will! Our DOE coordinators will create a custom caseload based on your preferences. We will orient you to the billing, payment and documentation systems you need to know. If you want to mix it up a little we can combine your DOE caseload with placements in early intervention, adult home care, preschools, or long term care facilities. Therapeutic Resources will provide you with ongoing professional education to enable you to deliver the best interventions along with a “mentor” to answer your clinical questions and concerns.

Why should I sign up with Therapeutic Resources?
Therapeutic Resources is owned and operated by occupational therapists who have been in the therapy placement business for over 30 years. We understand the needs of therapists and are totally committed to their satisfaction. We have a longstanding relationship with the DOE, having held related service contracts for almost twenty years. In addition to the DOE, we offer the opportunity to work in many different practice areas including early intervention, therapeutic preschools, adult home care and long term care. We can put together a dynamic caseload to meet your needs and interests.

What is in this for me?
By signing up with Therapeutic Resources, you not only have the opportunity to be the first to choose a caseload in the districts we win, but you can attend any of our seminar for FREE through September 2025.   Our seminars will...
· Increase your knowledge about school based interventions.
· Provide you with continuing education credits that keep you current.
· Allow you to network with other colleagues in the field.
I’m In! What do I do next?
CLICK HERE and just submit!   You will receive an email that will give you instructions on how to register for your free course!  You can also call us at 212.529.9780

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