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25 Warm Weather Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Speech Therapy Session

May 25, 2023

As the weather warms up, speech therapists can use the change of season to their advantage to incorporate outdoor activities and promote speech and language development. Here are 25 warm-weather tips that speech therapists can use:

  1. Take therapy sessions outside to engage in a natural setting.
  2. Use outdoor games like I-Spy to practice speech and language skills.
  3. Read books outside to practice reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  4. Use outdoor toys like bubbles or balls to practice turn-taking and social skills.
  5. Play Simon Says to practice following directions and auditory processing skills.
  6. Use outdoor activities like gardening to practice vocabulary related to nature and plants.
  7. Practice pronunciation and articulation by having patients describe what they see outside.
  8. Use sidewalk chalk to practice spelling and writing skills.
  9. Play charades to practice nonverbal communication and understanding of body language.
  10. Use outdoor scavenger hunts to practice receptive and expressive language skills.
  11. Use outdoor water play activities to practice vocabulary related to water and swimming.
  12. Practice storytelling by having patients describe their outdoor adventures.
  13. Use outdoor music activities like singing or playing instruments to practice speech and language skills.
  14. Use outdoor cooking activities to practice sequencing and following directions.
  15. Use outdoor art activities like painting or drawing to practice expressing emotions and using descriptive language.
  16. Play outdoor board games to practice turn-taking and social skills.
  17. Use outdoor sensory activities like sand play to practice language skills and sensory integration.
  18. Practice conversational skills by discussing outdoor topics like weather, animals, or nature.
  19. Use outdoor sports like frisbee or catch to practice turn-taking and social skills.
  20. Use outdoor field trips to practice vocabulary and social skills in a new environment.
  21. Use outdoor dramatic play activities like role-playing to practice communication and social skills.
  22. Use outdoor community service activities like picking up trash to practice social skills and responsibility.
  23. Practice storytelling by having patients create and act out their own outdoor adventures.
  24. Use outdoor mindfulness activities like yoga or meditation to practice focus and attention.
  25. Practice problem-solving and critical thinking by discussing outdoor scenarios and finding solutions together.

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