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43 Warm Weather Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Occupational Therapy Session

May 18, 2023

As the weather warms up and the flowers bloom, occupational therapists (OTs) know spring is a great time to work on skills with their clients. Here are 43 tips for OTs to help their clients make the most of the spring season:


  1. Encourage clients to take a walk outside and observe the changes in nature.
  2. Have clients practice dressing for the warmer weather.
  3. Use gardening activities to work on fine motor skills.
  4. Have clients practice bike riding to work on balance and coordination.
  5. Teach clients about sun safety and the proper use of sunscreen.
  6. Practice cooking with fresh spring produce.
  7. Have clients practice tying shoes for outdoor activities.
  8. Use sidewalk chalk to work on fine motor skills and creativity.
  9. Practice throwing and catching a ball to work on hand-eye coordination.
  10. Encourage clients to attend outdoor concerts or events to work on social skills.
  11. Practice cleaning and organizing outdoor spaces.
  12. Teach clients how to ride a scooter or skateboard.
  13. Practice writing outside with pencils or markers.
  14. Encourage clients to try a new outdoor activity like hiking or kayaking.
  15. Use birdwatching as a way to work on attention and observation skills.
  16. Practice carrying and lifting objects like groceries or yard tools.
  17. Teach clients about different types of flowers and plants.
  18. Have clients practice navigating a new outdoor environment.
  19. Work on hand strength and dexterity with activities like picking up small objects or using a hammer and nails.
  20. Encourage clients to try a new healthy recipe.
  21. Practice mindfulness activities outside, like deep breathing or yoga.
  22. Use outdoor painting or drawing activities to improve fine motor skills and creativity.
  23. Have clients practice setting up and taking down outdoor equipment like tents or chairs.
  24. Practice jumping or skipping rope to work on coordination and balance.
  25. Use outdoor scavenger hunts to work on problem-solving and observation skills.
  26. Encourage clients to take a swim to work on gross motor skills and coordination.
  27. Practice sensory activities like exploring different textures outside.
  28. Have clients practice identifying different types of trees or plants.
  29. Use outdoor obstacle courses to work on gross motor skills and coordination.
  30. Encourage clients to try a new outdoor sport like tennis or golf.
  31. Practice using outdoor tools like rakes or shovels to work on hand strength.
  32. Teach clients about recycling and eco-friendly practices.
  33. Practice using scissors or other cutting tools outside.
  34. Use outdoor music activities to work on rhythm and coordination.
  35. Encourage clients to take a nature walk and identify different types of animals.
  36. Practice using outdoor equipment like swings or climbing structures.
  37. Teach clients about outdoor safety practices like avoiding poison ivy or using insect repellent.
  38. Use outdoor sensory activities like sand play or water play to work on sensory integration.
  39. Encourage clients to practice mindfulness activities like meditation or breathing exercises outside.
  40. Use outdoor cooking activities like grilling or campfire cooking to work on sequencing and following directions.
  41. Have clients practice carrying a backpack or other outdoor gear to work on strength and endurance.
  42. Teach clients about outdoor first aid and emergency preparedness.
  43. Use outdoor water activities like kayaking or paddleboarding to work on balance and coordination.


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