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Our 2016 Fall Seminars our Here!

September 12, 2016

For over 30 years Therapeutic Resources has provided cutting edge continuing education classes. 

Receive any of our seminars for FREE if:

  • You take any school-based work from us (apply here for open positions)
  • Sign on with Therapeutic Resources for the Department of Education Bid (You can learn more about the bid by clicking here)

 Upcoming Classes:

September 14                                                          5:00-8:00PM
Welcome to the New School Year 2016-2017

Presented By: Christine Knafelc, OT and Prinz Acaling, PT
This presentation is designed to help the new and returning therapist to navigate the rules and nuances of working for the New York City Department of Education as a contractor, to ensure a rewarding professional experience.

September 19                                                         5:00-8:00PM
The Early Intervention Networking and Q&A Forum

Presented by: Rochelle Friedman, ACSW
This must-attend session will explore strategies for developing and maintaining your early intervention caseload.

October 3                                                              5:00-8:00PM
Best-Practice in School-Based Therapy

Presented by:Julianne Costa, OTR/L, DPT
Therapists are constantly challenged by scheduling, lack of space and time constraints to deliver intervention that translates into improved school participation/performance. This segment will discuss a collaborative model of treatment for the school-based therapist. Review of the laws and best practice will be included. Strategies on how to assess and apply this model will be presented.

October 16                                                             5:00-8:00PM
MORE Best-Practice in School-Based Therapy

Presented by:Julianne Costa, OTR/L, DPT
Therapists are frequently asked this question as if the two are mutually exclusive. This segment will discuss the overlap of sensory and behavioral challenges. It will discuss the most under recognized sensory challenges. Participants will learn practical strategies that will impact both domains; as sensory processing and behavior are intimately related.


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